Mission and Values

Mission and Values

The Athletic and Wellness Centre exists to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for students at Centennial College, employees of the college and members of the neighbourhood.

Mission and Values:

To make it possible for every student to have the best of times at Centennial College by offering excellent services and events. Customers will visit us the first time for our services. They’ll stick around because of our place but they’ll return again and again because of our people.

Our services are helpful, are needed, are easy to use, are available, are fun and are fulfilling.

Our place is clean, it’s warm, it’s open, it’s inviting, it’s well stocked, its pathways are clear, it’s bright and it’s theirs.

Our people are friendly, are helpful, are polite, are knowledgable, are personable, are passionate, are resourceful, are positive, are considerate, are genuine, are involved and are welcoming.

Our Values:

Own it anticipate needs, put effort behind your tasks, stay with a customer until the answer is found.

Educate yourself about our products, services and events.

Create pleasant surprises, hold the door open for customers, make eye contact, learn names and smile regularly.

Listen to understand, be a team player, be approachable, use positive body language and give the customer your full attention.

Seek to improve, encourage feedback, try new things, don’t be afraid to fail.

Learn about other areas of the organization, don’t cut corners, even if you think the customer won’t see it.

Leave a legacy ensure your customer is the number one priority, become involved in the college community, think of how your actions affect others, be proud of the work you do for customers.

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